Canadian Climate Advocate Training 2022

Please circle the dates for our next national conference and lobbying days, May 1-3, 2022. COVID permitting, we will be meeting in Ottawa. You will also be able to join us virtually. Thereafter, we will be lobbying our MPs with our new lobbying asks developed by our members. Registration is coming in March.

In preparation for lobbying in May, CCL Surrey and CCL Regina requested training for their members. All are welcome.  CCL Surrey’s training is in the evening on Thursday, February 17, 2022. CCL Regina’s training is mid-morning, Friday, February 25, 2022.

Surrey Training
Regina Training

Our volunteers are some of the best volunteers in the world. You will make friends for life. We would love it if you joined us.

Since 2010, we have been training Canadian volunteers to lobby for Carbon Fee and Dividend income (a.k.a. Climate Income).

The facts are clear:
1. carbon pricing is a keystone policy for substantially reducing GHGs 
2. giving the money back to the people, reduces income inequality

Learn how to talk about carbon pricing like a pro and how to work with others to build political will for a liveable world using our proven methodology.

It is suggested that you read over our Interim Lobbying Asks in preparation.

CCL Canada’s training is very different from CCL USA’s Climate Advocate Training. We have a carbon price in Canada, and we are lobbying to improve it, which requires very different training.

More about us:

In January, on four separate calls, over 80 CCL Canadians gathered to discuss our plans for 2022 and crafted our membership expectations.

On January 22, 2022, CCL leaders gathered on Zoom for Standing Our Ground. We looked back at our history, affirmed our 2022 expectations, created 8 national actions, and planned for 2022. If you want a real sense of CCL Canada, we recommend you watch it and on that page, you can also read the 2022 member expectations crafted by our volunteers.