BLOG: Parents of millenials, protect us by protecting our climate

In July, CCL Vancouver members met with MP Jonathan Wilkinson, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. MP Wilkinson asked CCL Vancouver member Marlo Firme to convince his parents to get active on climate change. Marlo wrote a letter to his parents and also sent it to MP Wilkinson. MP Wilkinson sent a message back saying it was great message for parents. From left to right: Jay van de witt, MP Wilkinson, Marlo Firme and Hassan Merali.

Dear Moms and Dads,

I remember when we first migrated to Canada in the early nineties. With my parents leading the way, my family picked up our lives out of Manila and came to Vancouver.

I was 6 then. I just followed what my parents wanted me to do, which was awesome because life was amazing in Vancouver. In the summer, I got to ride my bike around the neighborhood for hours on end with my twin brother. In the winter, I got to walk along the nearby dyke with my mom, all while enjoying the frozen waters and the crisp January air of Vancouver, year after year.

Despite all that, life wasn’t easy for my parents here. In Manila, we were privileged. But here, my mom took a job in a meat packing company while my dad delivered pizzas. They juggled work with four kids, all with our jam-packed schedules of social activities and extracurriculars. They did this because they took the opportunity of becoming Canadian as an opportunity to invest in our future.

Thank you, mom, dad, and all parents for investing in our generation’s future by leading the way.

But now, we worry about our future. We worry that because of climate change, we will not enjoy the same kind of world we grew up in.

Please invest in our future once again. This time, you can follow our lead in taking actions to protect our climate.

Our new federal government is communicating with us about climate change. They will roll out a climate plan for Canada in the fall and want to hear from you. To help, please call your local member of parliament and tell them that you support bold and ambitious climate action, for us and our future.


Marlo Firme
Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada