APRIL 2018 CCCL EDUCATION CALL – Parachutes for the Planet – Kallan Benson

CCL Canada Education, Guest: Kallan Benson
Parachutes for the Planet

Kids + Adults + Art + Parachutes + Cross-Border Cooperation
= Beauty and cooperation saving the world

This project was initiated by Kallan Benson, a 14-year old who began getting involved with climate activism at the age of 9 at the 2014 People’s Climate March.  

Parachutes for the Planet is a collaborative art project inviting youth and adults from all over the world to express their concerns about climate change. Their original art banners are contributing to an accumulating collection of “parachutes” to be displayed in massive exhibits around the world to amplify youth voices and inspire action to protect the future of our planet.

We are working towards displaying Canadian “Parachutes for the Planet” when we are in Ottawa on October 13-16, 2018 at our annual conference and lobbying days at the same time Parachutes for the Planet will be displaying the parachutes on Capitol Hill in Washington DC in a cross-border sister display.

Between now and October 13 coach a school or youth group to make a parachute. Or your group or another group of adults that you know (church, service, your workplace etc) could make design a parachute for the planet that speaks out for the climate highlighting something unique about your region.

How this came about? On our Thursday, April 11, 2018, CCL Canada call, Laura from CCL Nelson-West Kootenay relayed that some of the people she talked to in her region were wondering if the Parachutes could be displayed in Canada. At the time I had absolutely no idea how we could do that. Then two days later, our national director had an epiphany: why not display them on Parliament Hill while we are all in Ottawa? She contacted the Mother Earth Project and low and behold, they are displaying Parachutes for the Planet in DC at the same time – which will be right before the US mid-term elections on November 6, 2018.

Canadians, please send your parachutes to:
Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada
435 Notre Dame Ave, Lower Level
Sudbury ON, P3C 5K6
ATT’N: Dr. Sanjiv Mathur

Here is what Carole in Chelmsford said after hearing the presentation: Just can’t get that wonderful presentation on Parachutes for the planet by Kallan out of my mind today. Her innocence, her delightful, sparkling laughter, her budding awareness of what is happening to her world. She is why we are working so hard at influencing policies that will make a difference yet, here she is, trying to make a difference herself. Beautiful. Thank you, Kallan, for the gift that you are.