NEWS: ​Parliamentary e-Petition #e2542 Closes Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 1:30 pm EDT

In September, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada will be celebrating 10 years since we began lobbying for carbon fee and dividend. We said it early and we said it often and now Canada has a carbon fee and dividend-like policy which became the law of the land on April 1, 2019.

Formally, the law is known as the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. Canada’s carbon pricing policy is known as the Federal Backstop. It is the centre-piece of Canada’s PanCanadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change and without carbon pricing it is doubtful Canada will ever be able to achieve our fair share of reducing GHG emissions. You can convince yourself of this fact by testing various climate policies on simulators available at Climate Interactive and the Pembina Institute.

As expected there has been pushback for carbon pricing and this is impeding the enactment of the policies to improve our carbon pricing policy. Most egregious are the claims that Canada’s carbon pricing policy is a tax grab and those annoying half-truth stickers at gas stations mandated by the Ontario government showing the carbon price rise but failing to show that most of us come out ahead.

Sophia Mathur, my daughter, has been lobbying with us since she was seven-years-old. She is now 13-years-old and became an ardent climate activist at age eleven much to my dismay because I felt that she was too young to do this work. Thankfully, she is having fun and is very determined to secure her future. She tweeted out a supportive video that you can watch here.

Most recently, Michael Bernstein the Executive Director at Canadians for Clean Prosperity published an OpEd in The Hill Times, The most important climate change policy that no one’s talking about. They too, like Citizens’ Climate Lobby,  support Canada’s carbon price rising past  2022 with direct rebates to citizens. They determined that providing direct payments if done quarterly, saves money by avoiding interest costs. Even with very low-interest rates, he estimates savings of over $35M per year.

The evidence is clear that we can save our climate, reduce income inequality, and create jobs. Please see the images and references below for more information.

Now we need your help. Can you sign e-petition #e2542?
We are calling upon the Government of Canada to steadily increase the carbon price to $210 per tonne or more by 2030, and to distribute the carbon pricing revenue to Canadians as cheques or bank deposits.


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Policy Insights from the EMF 32 Study on U.S. Carbon Tax Scenarios: