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  • BLOG: The Actuaries Climate Index – by Caterina Lindman, FCIA, FSA, Waterloo Region Leader, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

    Actuaries Climate Index, By Caterina Lindman, FCIA, FSA, Waterloo Region Leader, Citizens’ Climate Lobby. The Actuaries Climate Index (ACI) is an objective, quarterly, online measure of changes in climate extremes and sea level in Canada and the United States relative to the 30-year period of 1961–1990. This educational tool can help actuaries, public policymakers, educators, and the general public to gain a better understanding of climate impacts.

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  • BLOG (with Audio): Keep Calm and Carry On Canada – a Colloquy

    CCL Canadians created a pan-Canadian artistic response in defense of the Pan-Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change. Cathy Orlando (Sudbury) and Gerry Labelle (Nickel Belt) wrote a colloquy that highlights why they are hopeful about Canada transitioning to a low carbon economy. The contents are based on recent editorial packet developed by Cheryl McNamara (CCL Toronto): Should Canada’s Climate Change Plans be Trumped. Cheryl’s editorial packet was edited by Anita Payne (Lanark county). Then Laura Sacks (CCL Nelson) and Tanya Coad (Kootenay Coop Radio) produced an audio version of the faux conversation.

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  • EDITORIAL PACKET: Should Canada trump its carbon reduction plans?

    As Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission pointed out in a blog on November 11: “Smart, well-designed carbon pricing that addresses competitiveness concerns still makes economic and environmental sense,” adding “for now, keep calm, and carry on.” With both economic and environmental incentives, backed by strong public support, keeping calm and carrying on in spite of the current U.S. landscape is sound advice.

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  • BLOG: Millennials Lobby For Climate Action in London ON

    There are many who express concern that my generation (the so-called Millennials) and the yet-to-be-nicknamed generation to which my students belong are apathetic. My experience with this CEL project gave quite the opposite reading. I had the pleasure of working with five third-year university students who are concerned about their future and want to do the work necessary to create the political will for a liveable world. I feel fortunate to live in a city that has an active and vibrant student community, and I hope to collaborate with Western again in the future.

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  • LASER TALK: Balancing the Budget, the Climate Crisis and Social Concerns

    Governments have the difficult yet doable task of balancing the budget, the climate crisis and social concerns. The Liberal Government is not on track to balancing our budget (1, 2). As well, despite signing the Paris Accord and having a national carbon pricing policy, Canada’s climate targets are still woefully inadequate (3). Ideally we need a carbon price of at least $150.00 tonne by 2030 (4). However, forty eight percent of Canadians are within $200 each month of not being able to make their bills (5). Clearly, we need to need carbon pricing to be revenue neutral.

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