LASER TALK: China — Does It Matter What We Do?


LASER TALK: China — Does It Matter What We Do?

We should not have any illusions about China’s energy use. This one country with 1.3 billion people (to our 0.033 billion) [1, 2] accounts for almost half of the world’s coal consumption [3], yet is suffering horrible environmental impacts because of it [4-6].

China is  fast becoming a clean tech juggernaut globally. An October 2016 report from the International Energy Agency determined that China “remains the indisputable global leader of renewable energy expansion, representing close to 40% of growth”. [7] Meanwhile Canada lost 41% of our share of clean tech sales between 2008 and 2014. [8]

Globally, clean technology represents a mult-trillion dollar opportunity. [9] Because of a lack of federal policies to incentivize investment in clean tech between 2008 and 2015,  such as a strong and transparent price on carbon, innovations that were developed in Canada were manufactured in China and sold to Canada, with the majority of jobs and profits staying in China, not in Canada.

Also, it should be noted that China’s cap and trade plan goes into effect in 2017 and it  will give carbon pricing opponents nowhere to hide according to the United Nations. [10]

We should do all that we can to embrace clean tech. China is all in, and our economy will suffer for it.


Carbon Tax-Skeptic Claim: Why should we move if China isn’t moving?
One-liner: China is moving, and is already selling their solar panels back to us.

Carbon Tax-Skeptic Claim: It doesn’t matter what we’re doing because China  are burning so much coal.
One-liner: They’re also making huge investments in renewables, so if we don’t move, we will permanently miss the opportunity to establish the jobs, manufacturing, and intellectual communities that come with being the world leader in an industry.


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