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  • BLOG: Millennials Lobby For Climate Action in London ON

    There are many who express concern that my generation (the so-called Millennials) and the yet-to-be-nicknamed generation to which my students belong are apathetic. My experience with this CEL project gave quite the opposite reading. I had the pleasure of working with five third-year university students who are concerned about their future and want to do the work necessary to create the political will for a liveable world. I feel fortunate to live in a city that has an active and vibrant student community, and I hope to collaborate with Western again in the future.

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  • LASER TALK: Balancing the Budget, the Climate Crisis and Social Concerns

    Governments have the difficult yet doable task of balancing the budget, the climate crisis and social concerns. The Liberal Government is not on track to balancing our budget (1, 2). As well, despite signing the Paris Accord and having a national carbon pricing policy, Canada’s climate targets are still woefully inadequate (3). Ideally we need a carbon price of at least $150.00 tonne by 2030 (4). However, forty eight percent of Canadians are within $200 each month of not being able to make their bills (5). Clearly, we need to need carbon pricing to be revenue neutral.

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  • A ROGUE BLOG- Rebellions are built on hope- CCL Canada’s year end call

    It has been a very long time since I have felt this hopeful about the future. Thank you all of you for the early Christmas present of hope. Create your intention to build a better world in 2017. Live your life and decide to do one thing in 2017. Join people on the front lines. Don’t have time? Consider donating money to people on the front lines.

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: The Solution is Border Tax Adjustments Premier Wall

    Saskatchewan Premier Wall has expressed concerns about industries uprooting to the U.S. to avoid paying the carbon tax. This can be avoided by imposing a border tax adjustment. A carbon tax on imported carbon intensive goods like steel and cement will level the playing field for carbon-intense and trade exposed Canadian industries. In fact, France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy has already suggested imposing a carbon tax on the USA if Trump scraps the Paris Climate Act.

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Citizen Lobbyists Cautiously Optimistic Canada’s Low Carbon Transition is Underway – Took a Pledge to Make Sure Progress Continues Past Election 2019 –

    From November 26-29, 2016, 53 concerned volunteers lobbied on Parliament Hill for improvements to Canada’s current national carbon pricing policy and experienced their most productive week to date in their six-year history in Canada. They lobbied 40 Members of Parliament (MP) and one senator in face-to-face meetings, as well the staff of six parliamentarians.

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